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La Tavola Marche Agriturismo & Cooking School

Chef Jason Bartner takes the ego out of cooking by creating simple, seasonal dishes from the farm to the table at his organic farm & cooking school in central Italy. Jason is a professional chef & culinary instructor with over 15 years of high-end culinary experience in San Francisco, New York City, Amsterdam & Italy. Jason studied at the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York, training with culinary legends including Jacques Pepin, and has a passion to cook for anyone with an appetite. However it wasn't until he moved to Italy & founded La Tavola Marche Agriturismo, organic farm, inn & cooking school with his wife Ashley that his niche took hold. His cooking is influenced by the Slow Food philosophy and he does his best to lead by example, only cooking what is in season and locally grown, thus supporting the local economy. La Tavola Marche is founded on our feelings that food is the most accessible, and one of the most unique and enjoyable ways to get to know a new destination. Culinary experiences not only enhance traveler’s enjoyment through pleasing their taste buds, but also allow for an immediate immersion into the local culture.

"I love how food brings people together, makes them happy. Who could complain when the smells of a home-cooked meal waft through the house on a Sunday afternoon?" This was the start of my relationship with food. Every Sunday my father would cook a late afternoon meal, and when I was old enough to help, I joined him. This brings back a comforting memory and I soon learned that the real way into people’s hearts was through their stomachs. And so began my career.

I am now a proud organic farm, I grow my own food & am amazed at the sense of pride that brings. There is nothing more basic than returning to the kitchen with a full crate of veggies fresh picked from the garden - ready to create dinner!"

Ashley Bartner, his wife, wear's many hats: food & travel writer, host-extraordinaire & free-range chicken wrangler on the farm. Ashley writes a monthly column for Italia! Magazine on their everyday adventures of life in Le Marche and contributes to numerous other food & travel publications. She is also proud to be named to the Board of Directors for The International Culinary Tourism Association, continuing her efforts to promote culinary tourism.

La Tavola Marche Agriturismo & Cooking School

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