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Male Vs. Female: A Tale of the Stuffed Tomatoes

July 24, 2009
Yes we all know men and women think differently - that we are wired differently.  Many books have been written about the topic over the last 20 years.  Yet everyday, whether at work or home, some instance pulls me up short and reminds me just how different we are!  The perspectives we use to resolve a problem, set our priorities or in this case, 'Tale of the Stuffed Tomatoes', evaluate whether a recipe is a 'keeper'. Almost every week I test recipes for  My husband always acts as my 'guinea pig", along with a select group of friends on occasion. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and soft breezes filled the house with wonderful garden scents. My husband was out working in the yard as I prepared the week's selected recipes.  In this case Red Leaf Lettuce with Grapes, Blue Cheese, Pecans and Balsamic Vinaigrette and Summer Stuffed Tomatoes.  Every 10 minutes or so he would poke his head in the window and ask "When is dinner going to be ready?  The smells coming out of the kitchen are amazing!" Before I continue, let me share an important fact about my husband.  In his mind there are only three food groups:  Meat, French Fries and Dessert. Dinner time.  The salad passes with flying colors - laced with blue cheese - one of his favorites.  Now for the tomatoes.  Knowing how much he loves meat I add more sausage than the recipe suggests. He takes his first bite, then his second.  I wait for his opinion.  Will this one be a 'keeper'? The first words out of his mouth, "Tastes good, but where's the meat?"  Viva La Difference! Debra     

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