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The Journey to Becoming a Hostess

May 12, 2008

I come from a long line of hostesses.

My grandmother was known for throwing parties that lasted for three days! I remember my aunt throwing an engagement party for her son when I was in grade school. It was around the time the “twist” was all the rage (I am dating myself). I remember thinking grown-ups were really crazy people as they all ran in to my aunt’s bathroom to grab towels to wrap around their hips so they could “twist”. My mother could pull a party together on a moments notice, which was lucky for her because she never knew when my father would be bringing someone home for dinner! In fact, after my first dance recital, my father was so proud he invited the whole audience to our house. My parents arrived home, mom was ready to go to bed and dad suggested, “Honey, you might want to wait a little bit.” About that time cars started showing up in our driveway. Mom started pulling food out of the cupboards. The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

My own path to hostess had an inauspicious start. I was in high school and invited a friend over for lunch. The menu - uninspired. Campbell’s tomato soup, fruit cocktail and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds pretty simple. Well, I was so concerned about burning the grilled cheese sandwiches that the tomato soup boiled over. When I went to serve the sandwiches I turned around too fast and the sandwich slid off the spatula and landed on the floor! So much for entertaining with grace, style and confidence, much less setting a comfortable, memorable environment for my guest. Who to this day, I can’t remember. Selective memory. I think my subconscious is in play here.

So for those of you who wonder, “Is there hope for me? Will I ever entertain with ease and confidence?” The answer is a resounding YES!

I’m sure every seasoned host or hostess has a horror story to share about the early days, when entertaining wasn’t yet second nature. So write in and share your stories. Or if your just beginning to entertain let us know what concerns you most.


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