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"I just went on your website and delighted in the creativity and inspiration of your spring tablescapes.  Absolutely AWESOME!!"  Alexa, Chicago, IL

"Dear Debra, the cool-weather this past summer season caused entertainment havoc around our house. Plans delayed (waiting for better weather), plans cancelled (when the weather did not cooperate), and last minute invites (when it looked like we might have a good day). For each circumstance, Memorable Entertaining came to the rescue with terrific last minute preparation ideas as well as great advice for how to use up leftover food or unused ingredients. I make a habit of checking the site often. If I don't immediately put your ideas and suggestions to use, they are stored for future reference. But usually, I try to implement as many of your ideas for entertaining and tablescapes as soon as I can because I can't wait to see the result. After a particularly wonderful dinner, one of my guests said, "the details on your table did not go unnoticed." I think she was speaking of either your terrific napkin folds or individual candle/flower arrangements. But it's hard to tell - there is so much of Memorable Entertaining making it's mark in every aspect of my decorating and entertaining. Thank you!"  Anna Marie, Chicago

"I am always looking for decorating tips, new recipes and beautiful things.  I watch cable shows but the problem with cable is that the shows I want to see don’t always air when I have the time to enjoy them. When I was introduced to Memorable Entertaining, by a good friend who knows of my interest in decorating my home, I realized how convenient this membership would be.  The site would be there on my time table and with all the wonderful entertaining and design treats I could want.  As I perused the site, reading articles, reviewing recipes and looking at the beautiful photos I realized that having this tool at my finger tips was not only a luxury but a friendly sharing of knowledge by the sites creator, Debra who makes herself available by email.  If you are looking for a real decorating and entertaining experience, with beauty shared by a true professional,  available any time of the day, you owe it to yourself to become a member of  What you discover there will delight you."  Darlene, California

"Dear Debra,  Recently I renewed my membership to Memorable Entertaining. Thank you for a great year! When I first joined I thought this would be a perfect resource to get me through the fall and winter holidays. Well, it was and so much more! The site guided me to comforting food, music and wine for the cold days here in Chicago. Springtime brought fresh ideas for enjoying flowers and cooking light. Thanks again for being my constant companion through the seasons!"
Linda,  Illinois

"I love the service.  Debra answers emails about menus and other details.  About a month ago I went away with a group of girlfriends for the weekend and needed a breakfast menu.  I wanted something that would please a crowd and Debra came up with an entire menu.  And, it was a winner.  The nice part is that I did not have to struggle to find something.  She did it for me.  Thanks, Debra!!!  Also, I love Debra’s tablescapes.  They are “one of a kind” and easy to make.  She gives you the basics, and then you can use your imagination."  Joanne, Chicago, IL

"I have always enjoyed entertaining, but I've always been a bit nervous wanting to make everything perfect.  I have to admit that I'm not the most creative party planner, but then I met Debra.   She has helped me overcome my fears, and by her patient and helpful guidance, I am, little by little, beginning to find reasons to have a party. 

I have turned to Debra, and the Memorable Entertaining website, on several occasions, & have found it to be extremely helpful.  The beautiful photos perfectly display her creativity, the recipes are always delicious, & she does such a good job of bringing all the parts of a party together in one spot.  I'm frequently drawn back to see what new ideas she is featuring. She is the consummate party planner & throws the most extraordinary soirees. 

Debra's expertise is unmatched.  Her one-on-one advice is a great perk when you join Memorable Entertaining.  I sent an email explaining to her that I was really nervous about planning an 80th birthday celebration for my mother. That's such a momentous occasion & I wanted it to be perfect.  And within a day, she took away my stress & helped me plan a party that would not soon be forgotten.  Not only did she guide me with table decorations, menu planning, & invitations, she even made suggestions as to a memory gift for my mother along with party favors for the guests.  We served 30 guests an amazing dinner on beautifully decorated tables; it was a great evening.  My mother still talks about her party. 

Just recently, I called, upon Debra for some advice and ideas for a bridal shower I was hosting in my home.  From food suggestions & game ideas to floral decorations, she shared some unique and clever ideas.  The food was delicious & the tables were gorgeous.  I received many compliments from guests and best of all, her suggestions were well with in my budget.  The shower was a grand success.   Debra and Memorable Entertaining are so valuable to me.  I am much more confident and eager to entertain.  Keep the good ideas coming!"  Dorothy  Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Memorable Entertaining saved the day and me.  I knew my husband’s boss was coming to town and that he was expecting to have dinner with our home. The problem was we didn’t have any idea what time his plane was due to arrive. With the help of Memorable Entertaining’s great selection of recipes and Debra’s assistances we chose several lovely dishes that could be prepared a day ahead.   The choices were interesting, elegant and not too complicated to prepare.  I especially liked the shopping list option which was very helpful in the planning process.   Please do try the Mahogany Beef Stew with Red Wine and Hoisin Sauce and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.  Great for a cold evening super, after a long plane trip with a stop over in Chicago.  Very successful, relaxed evening and I actually had time enjoy our guest.  P.S. Debra’s right, the Katharine Hepburn Brownie’s are to die for!  Margi, Chicago, IL

“Memorable Entertaining is an excellent source for creating the perfect entertaining atmosphere. Debra’s website inspires me to create a wonderful and inviting atmosphere for the friends that visit my home.  Although I don’t entertain as often as I would like, I’m more confident in the food, presentation and décor with Debra’s website.  The music selection is especially fun to explore.  I have several new tunes to enjoy with my dinners.  I like your suggestions for meals by the season.  It gives me great ideas of where to start and finish a special dinner.  For Valentines Day, I made one of your “winter” dinners, Chianti Braised Chicken Thighs on noodles.  It was wonderful, plus, for 2 people, we had plenty for leftovers later in the week.  We enjoyed it the first day and the leftovers tasted great too.  We often have our friends visit with their 4 children for long weekends.  It can be a challenge going from cooking for 2 to cooking for 8, but with the help of Memorable Entertaining, I get some great suggestions that everyone can appreciate.  The kids always enjoy the deserts the best! This website is a nice combination of decorations, food, conversation ideas and overall entertaining atmosphere suggestions.  I love it!” Julie, Hudson, WI

"It is comforting to know that just a click away will provide all the information I need to put together a dinner for two, small brunch, graduation party, bridal shower or whatever.  No matter what my entertaining needs may be, no stress!  I just check with my reliable friend ... "Memorable Entertaining," and the ideas are flowing.  I have been so impressed that I gave my newly married niece a gift certificate!  Jane, Boston, Massachusetts   

"In Memorable Entertaining, I found a resource that has helped me become the confident elegant hostess I always hoped to be - with significantly less effort than I ever imagined!  For the first time, I regularly receive phone calls the day after an event telling me what a wonderful time was had and would I share some recipes.  I also get many questions and complements about the "extra little touches" in my home or on my table.  I can tell you, that never happened before I started using this site.  I should tell you, I have a young family and do a really wide variety of entertaining.   I host everything from playdates to ladies luncheons to Super Bowl parties to formal dinners.  I am AMAZED at how easy it is to use the ideas, tips and photo's on this site to make such a wide variety of events extra special.  I also like being told all the best secrets of the Memorable Entertaining staff - specifics on music, wines, linens, prepared foods, etc.  In using ALL these resources, I feel like I received a crash course in the very best memorable entertaining."  Sharon, Nashville, TN

"I am a woman in my mid 30's with an intense passion for entertaining but have limited time and resources,after discovering Memorable Entertaining I believe I just found my salvation.  I have spent countless hours trying to find the resources to pull together fabulous parties from casual get togethers to formal entertaing.  I was always left feeling exhausted and questioning if my affairs were quite memorable enough.  How appropriate to find Memorable Entertaining because this site is OUTSTANDING!!  I am inspired and amazed at the many, many ideas this site has given me.  Most importantly is the uniqueness and the simplicity of pulling it all together.  I am already planning a summer affair that I truly expect will be more than a memory, it's going to be the talk of the town.  Thank you Debra for bringing a whole new world to us busy, creatively challenged woman."  -- Tina, Chicago, IL  

"What a terrific resource. I am totally inspired and re energized. I must admit that both the quality and quantity of my entertaining has fallen off in recent years but after reading dozens of amazing ideas here I see what a difference a little bit of forethought and attention to detail can make. Thank you Debra, with your help I’m on my way to becoming a more gracious hostess."   -- Sherrie, New York

"I love this site. It's full of wonderful ideas and contains a wealth of information. I am going to give a subscription to my sister-in-law for her birthday."   -- Colleen, Chicago, IL

"I can't remember ever seeing a site so rich with ideas and options. This is a terrific resource, both for new and experienced entertainers. I love the fact that it brings back a tone of elegance to entertaining. So many of us have lost the desire to go beyond casual but this inspires me to go there again!"  -- 
Lynne, Chicago, IL 

 "Debra does everything absolutely 1st class. If her recommendations do not orchestrate perfection….then no one’s do! From the start to the finish she makes sure it is done right. My memories are many when it comes to “Memorable Entertaining.” Whether it is a simple dinner for four or a large Holiday celebration…everything turns out classy yet comfortable. You know that no item has been overlooked. One particular evening revolved around a garden dinner party…the setting, the food and ambiance provided one of the most relaxing and elegant evenings we have ever spent! If you follow her recommendations you cannot go wrong and your gathering will be the envy of your friends and family!"    -- Ed, Chicago, IL

"I’ve known Debra for over 15 years, and I have been lucky enough to be a guest at her home many times as our friendship has grown. From the very start of our friendship, back when I was a young single professional, Debra’s warm hospitality and thoughtful touches to entertaining made her home a place of refinement, style, and comfort that I longed to emulate, and I eagerly looked forward to visiting again and again. Whenever I would compliment Debra on a menu item or a tablescape scheme, she was always ready to share her recipes and table setting tips.

As the years passed and I became a new bride, Debra was always there to teach me new cooking techniques as we sipped wine together in her kitchen before dinner, and she even consulted on the buffet menu and helped me arrange the floral centerpiece for the first party my husband and I hosted as newlyweds in our new home.

Over the years I have learned so much from Debra about entertaining and creating memorable evenings where everyone has a great time. When we walk into her home it is always so inviting – there’s a fire going in the living room, fresh flowers, great music on the stereo, and a fabulous martini or glass of wine awaiting. I’ve noticed how she will make a point to incorporate a menu item that my husband (pasta) or I (a rich chocolate dessert) will especially enjoy. And she isn’t afraid to try new dishes that bring something special and an out-of-the-ordinary spice to a meal.

Even today, all these years later, whenever I have an event planned at my home that I need some inspiration for or advice on, I call Debra. She always has new recipes, new ideas for music, wine...everything! She has truly been an inspiration, a mentor, and most of all a wonderful friend with whom to share the love of good food and good friends.

I believe that Memorable Entertaining is the chance for many others with the same desires and passion for entertaining to join an online community where they can experience the same sense of welcome and friendship from Debra, and the other contributors to the site, who have a tremendous amount of expertise, creativity, and always something new, to share. Good times."   -- Pam, Boston, Massachusetts

"Debra truly transforms entertaining into an art! Her culinary skills are bar-none, always respectful of her guests preferences, yet challenging them to explore their palates in ways they never dreamed. The consummate hostess, Debra's ability to create a sophisticated ambiance of warmth and welcome truly transcends expectation -- yet there is never a sense of 'showy-ness' or intimidation. Everyone is comfortable and the conversation and camaraderie flows naturally and effortlessly. If one is able to learn and apply just a fraction of Debra's tips, talents and techniques, they will be well on the way to being the most confident and sought-after host or hostess within their circle of family and friends. Guests will all vie for a chance to RSVP with glee to your next dinner, garden party, intimate dinner or festive soiree - whatever the occasion, you will have Debra to thank for guiding the way."  -- Brian, Chicago, IL

"The following is a "journey" into "matters of the soul" with my friend, Debra. An invitation to dinner at Debra’s (hand written in Debra’s beautiful handwriting) is one received with great excitement and expectation. Arriving for a dinner (especially on a cold winter’s night), you are welcomed by a warm fire, candlelight and music suited to the occasion. After a period of meeting other guests, cocktails and hor'deurves, dinner is served! Guests are seated in a beautiful dining room; the table is set with china, crystal and flatware, not matched by traditional standards but by Debra’s individual flare for the theme of the evening. Flowers are also non-traditional and complement the evening theme. The following fare, occasion upon occasion, always is surpassed only by the charm of our chef and hostess, Debra. She presents (and I emphasize "presents") first to last course with ease and elegance. Her menu and presentation rival a five-star restaurant. As guests enjoy exquisite food and each other, I often glance at Debra to see a subtle smile on her face, one of satisfaction that she has, indeed, honored her guests. Dinner’s end finds guests retiring to a simmering fire and aperitifs or coffees and the pleasure of each other’s company. Such a wonderful evening does, eventually, come to an end but the trip home on a cold winter's night is, indeed, warmed by an "evening with Debra."     -- Shirley, San Antonio, Texas