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Music, like wine, is such a personal choice. What we have attempted to do is to share music discovered and enjoyed by our guests over many years of entertaining. This collection has done a wonderful job of setting the mood for rollicking New Year's Eve parties to casual outdoor parties and everything in between. We hope you will discover some new favorites to add to your collection.

With the advent of I- tunes we now have the opportunity to "test drive" a CD, choose our favorite songs and create a very personal mix of music to fit any occasion.

Music is a key element in setting both tone and mood. So be thoughtful as you choose music selections for your party.  

New finds will be added to our music library, as we learn of new selections from our entertaining community and self-discovery.

Interested in building a classical CD collection? Buy "The NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection" by Ted Libbey.


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